Lyford store hours daily 8am-8pm Tuesday- Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8am-5pm
Fresh Seafood, Meat & International Cheeses! or
Our plane loading up with special requests in west palm beach

Here at Goodfellows we are out provide the finest grocery and produce anywhere...

The store@ Lyford Cay marina has been producing a fantastic array of ticklers for your taste buds!

par baked/frozen breads available: Asiago Cheese bread, Batard, Sourdough, Muslie, Baguettes along with chocolate and regular croissants

We also offer a range of soups, such as chicken noodle,  Tomato Basil, Broccoli Cheddar, or Mushroom Asparagus made fresh weekly and ready to take home or to the office for lunch.

Special order products include, dinners, quiches, lasagnes and desserts. Call us today, 242-676-5938 to see what could make your next lunch or dinner a healthy and satisfying one

Come to the store and sample our pestos: Sundried Tomato and Basil pesto or one of our fresh made spreads such as Blue crab, Main lobster, Tzatziki, red pepper and plain Hummus or Spinach Artichoke.

Not to mention our fantastic variety of produce from Gourmet Greens to herbs and tomatoes line our shelves ready to be scooped up for your enjoyment.

The store has begun importing wonderful produce, meats, cheeses and specialty items from West Palm Beach, Florida adding to our array of available produce. We will deliver to any Marina or Airport.


our full service warehouse in west palm beach, ships weekly on TROPICAL shipping for non perishables